I recently described installing OpenElec with Kodi on the Pi 2. This post includes all you need to get it going and is based on my internal doco. I hope this helps people.



  • Get the openelec tarball from here: http://openelec.tv/get-openelec there is a RPI2 tarball towards the bottom. It is the one that doesn't say "diskimage"
  • untar the tarball and at the commandline, navigate into the resulting directory structure.
  • Insert the micro-sd card into the linux computer
  • Check dmesg for what the card was mounted as. Mine was /dev/mmcblk0 and p1 as the partition.
  • As root run ./create_sdcard /dev/mmcblk0, after some processing the job is done.
  • Hook up the RPI2 to your TV, Network, Power and the IR reciever and boot it.

Configure Kodi for use:

Fix the time

  • Navigate to Settings | Appearance | International and set the Region,  timezone etc.

Install the MythTV plugin

  • Navigate to Settings | Add-ons | Disabled Addons | MythTV PVR client
  • Configure the ip address or hostname of your backend. I didn't have any luck with the hostname. DNS is probably looking on the internet for the local hostname. Note there is a special UI for IP addresses that is easier if you hit IP in the bottom left corner of the ip/hostname dialog.
  • I didn't have to change anything else but you should check.
  • backout then enable the plugin.
  • Backout to the settings menu and select Live TV. Hit the enable button.
  • Back right the way out and you should now have a TV menu on the main scrolling menu. If you don't it probably means that it isn't getting to the myth back end so check network and ip addresses.

Adjust the TV

  • In system settings | system you can specify the resolution eg 1080P, 720p etc
  • In the same location you can adjust the picture size and keystone to fit your tv