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I recently described installing OpenElec with Kodi on the Pi 2. This post includes all you need to get it going and is based on my internal doco. I hope this helps people.



  • Get the openelec tarball from here: there is a RPI2 tarball towards the bottom. It is the one that doesn't say "diskimage"
  • untar the tarball and at the commandline, navigate into the resulting directory structure.
  • Insert the micro-sd card into the linux computer
  • Check dmesg for what the card was mounted as. Mine was /dev/mmcblk0 and p1 as the partition.
  • As root run ./create_sdcard /dev/mmcblk0, after some processing the job is done.
  • Hook up the RPI2 to your TV, Network, Power and the IR reciever and boot it.

Configure Kodi for use:

Fix the time

  • Navigate to Settings | Appearance | International and set the Region,  timezone etc.

Install the MythTV plugin

  • Navigate to Settings | Add-ons | Disabled Addons | MythTV PVR client
  • Configure the ip address or hostname of your backend. I didn't have any luck with the hostname. DNS is probably looking on the internet for the local hostname. Note there is a special UI for IP addresses that is easier if you hit IP in the bottom left corner of the ip/hostname dialog.
  • I didn't have to change anything else but you should check.
  • backout then enable the plugin.
  • Backout to the settings menu and select Live TV. Hit the enable button.
  • Back right the way out and you should now have a TV menu on the main scrolling menu. If you don't it probably means that it isn't getting to the myth back end so check network and ip addresses.

Adjust the TV

  • In system settings | system you can specify the resolution eg 1080P, 720p etc
  • In the same location you can adjust the picture size and keystone to fit your tv




One of the nice things about copyright law in Australia is that Teachers can use programmes that have been broadcast on TV in their teaching practice. This has become, for some teachers, a prime source of resources in the History and SoSE areas. This copyright benefit led to a current project - that of building a good MythTV box to record documentaries as well as TV for normal consumption. Well the myth box is built and has 7 tuners installed brining the total recording capacity in house to 10 tuners. The next challenge is to make it accessible.

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