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Jobs I have done: Gardener, Warehouseman, Programmer, Computer sales, Computer Administrator, Systems Programmer, Office Automation, IT Team Leader, IT Communications Specialist, IT Infrastructure Director, Operating Systems Specialist, Open Source Specialist, Applications Development Director, Theologian, Lecturer, Minister, Business Man, Handy Man, Teacher and many other jobs and interests on the way. Read More...

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I would fain grow old learning many things... --Plato


Paul Chubb




A senior corporate officer with substantial expertise spanning 28 years in the IT & T industries. Key career exposures have been gained

over the last 18 years working with a leader in public sector computing. Formerly the principal leading a strategic upgrade of ITSMF

practice based on ITIL v3.0. Core strengths include, server fleet management and architecture, web and gateway management and

architecture and open source preparation and deployment.





  • Pivotal player in the Australian Bureau of Statistics Change Management Change Program, involving:

    • Analysis and development of a range of stakeholder engagement strategies

    • Development of incremental change methodology enabling the achievement of a swift cultural shift

      at each critical phase of the program


  • Initiated a range of professional IT practices within ABS to share knowledge and promote best practice principles

  • Consulted and formulated strategy for the ABS replacement website

  • Formulated ABS response to OOXML paper






Jul 2010 - Present

Graduate Diploma in Education

Aug 2009 - Dec 2009

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Feb 2002 - Dec 2002

Graduate Certificate of Statistics, Victoria University.

Course consisted of 3 statistical subjects taught as 1 week intensives and a team research project. The course was tailored to ABS requirements. All four units were passed at the H1, High Distinction level.

Feb 2000 - Dec 2000

Graduate Certificate of Management, Canberra University

The course consisted of three subjects tailored to ABS requirements: Management Theory (CR), Human Resource Management (CR), Financial Management (DI)

1986 - 1990

Bachelor of Theology, Flinders University

Consisting of Majors in Systematic and Historical Theology, Biblical Studies and Computer Science. All Computer Science Subjects were passed with A grades. I attained the following prizes for Computer Science:


  1. IBM Prize for excellence in Computer Science (1st yr)

  2. Prime Prize for 1st place in 2nd year.









July 2008 – Sept 2009

Strategic Change Manager:

July 2007 – June 2008

Technology Services Division, Programme and Account Manager

July 2006 to June 2007

Director, Technology Application for Data Management:

Mar 2005 to July 2006

Director, Domino Administration and Internet Services:

Dec 2003 to Mar 2005

Director of Server Futures:

Sept 2003

Assistant Statistician - Technology Infrastructure (A/G)

Oct 2001 to Dec 2003

Director of Network Operating Systems:

March 1998 - Oct 2001

Director Office Computing

April 1997 - March 1998

Director Notes Administration





Strategic Change Manager

July 2008 – Sept 2009




  • Lead the reform of change management within the ABS including culture

    change, to align with ITIL v3.0.

  • Create a forward looking, collegiate culture of management of large

    strategic change.


  • Created a large strategic change roadmap and a process of agreement

    on those changes forecasting over four years.

  • Instituted a progressive change process that slowly aligned ABS change

    management processes with ITIL v3.0

  • Iterated a collaborative development of change management policy and


  • Created an ideas market

  • Led the Testing and Change Management Communities of Practice


Technology Services Division, Programme and Account Manager

July 2007 – June 2008


  • Management of the TSD Technology budget and programme,

    lead on the professional practice programme, a culture change

    programme aimed at creating a culture of professionalism around
    Communities of Practice.


  • Began the move to flexible programme management focused on agile
    response to emerging business needs

  • Founded and shaped professional practice in the ABS

  • Selected and championed the use of wiki technology

  • Laid down the culture and ways of working of communities of practice.

  • Mentored and encouraged staff in the new way of working.


Director, Technology Application for Data Management

July 2006 to June 2007


  • Leadership of support and maintenance of the ABS Information

  • leadership in development of an ISO 11179 metadata repository,

  • leadership of a publishing platform redevelopment.


  • Improved quality of SDMX publishing capability

  • Enabled publishing of SDMX v2.0 rather than v1.0

  • Moved to a 6 week development cycle from a 6 month cycle allowing
    better certainty in client planning

  • Delivered v1.0 of the first ABS ISO 11179 metadata repository

  • Delivered two releases of the ABS Information Warehouse.


Director, Domino Administration and Internet Services

Mar 2005 to July 2006


  • Managed day to day provision of the Domino and Domino related services.

  • Managed a work group of 27 staff.

  • Provided technical and management leadership in the ABS Internet
    Gateway Re-architecture and the Census Field Management
    Internet Gateway projects.



  • Delivered Census Field Management Internet Gateway as a crash project

  • Contributed to the architecture and design of the new ABS internet

  • Delivery of a high value Domino service.

  • Began the work to improve timeliness of Domino point upgrades

Director of Server Futures:

Dec 2003 to Mar 2005


  • Look at alternatives to Solaris on SPARC

  • Investigate alternative computing platforms

  • Account Manager for Tasmanian Office


  • Evaluated and ruled out IA64, Itanium architectures.

  • Established total cost of ownership models and reliability models for
    commodity hardware.

  • Selected Opteron over Xeon for best price/performance

  • Selected Linux (SuSE) as the best platform for Solaris replacement.

  • Investigated job scheduling (Condor) to create a scavenger grid on the
    ABS desktop fleet.

Sept 2003

Assistant Statistician - Technology Infrastructure (A/G)

Director of Network Operating Systems:

Oct 2001 to Dec 2003


  • Lead the windows administration team as they transitioned from Banyan
    VINES to Windows


  • Bedded down Windows 2000 server implementation.

  • Delivered and enhanced the file, print and windows application service.

  • Architected Regional Office High Availability Architecture which
    underpinned the IT Management and Support

  • Review and informed current work underway for Central Office High
    Availability Architectures.

  • Smoothly consolidated support for all Intel hardware and Windows Server
    OS in the section.


Director Office Computing

March 1998 - Oct 2001


  • Lead the teams responsible for deliver of services based on the Lotus
    application suite: Domino, Notes, Smartsuite and companion products.


  • Delivered the key business and knowledge management platform service
    for the ABS






  • Sponsor of the following communities: Communities CoP, Testing CoP, Change Management CoP.

  • Chair Change Advisory Board and Release and Deployment board.

  • Member of the TSD Performance Management Panel and Chair of same. 2004-2007

  • Coordinator for the TSD Christmas Shutdown process 2003.

  • Member (2003) and Convenor (2004) TSD APS6 Selection Panel.

  • Datacentre Manager (2003)

  • Restriction Allowance Delegate (2003)

  • Coordinator, TSD CA/AWA EL2 Discussion group (2005)