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I would fain grow old learning many things... --Plato

It is sometimes amazing how little students actually know. It is not just the content but more importantly the ways in which you can achieve the correct outcome. Then there are good strategies for thinking about the problem and the material.

 Students tend to have expectations about how they will be taught. Some will deal well with new approaches others will pine for the approaches they are used to. I have students who see a worksheet as simply the raw material to make yet another plane. Others see a worksheet as the preferable method to learn, much better than the videos that I have been using. They like to operate at the bottom of Bloom's taxonomy because there are few "metas" and much certainty.

It has been encouraging to see one of my year ten students articulate the core of what I have been teaching them over the last few lessons with no prompting. This is feedback of the best sort: the student has grasped the viewpoint and way of thinking.

 At the same time, after my year seven class has completed an assignment, I am taking time out to teach time management, timetabling and assignment design process. In my year 7 maths class we were again emphasising metacognition around problem solving in preparation for Naplan.

 The concrete is easier. Every maths problem has an answer. It is no fun and too hard to think about how to get there or the best approach.

 The "metas" stack up to infinity and at each level there is something for the student to learn the struggle is to detach the student from the concrete to the meta universes beyond.