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I would fain grow old learning many things... --Plato


This is a video that could be used to help students think outside the box for robotics.


This is one of a series of videos showing an intervention process using an Applied Behavioural Analysis approach. I guess you don't really understand ABA until you see it in action and then it becomes crystal clear. While politically incorrect I am reminded of dog training which uses some of the same sort of processes. Note the reward in this case is the opportunity to play with the "claw" which is a toy version of the classic shopping centre game where the operator moves a crane to grab toys or confectionary.

This video is from RSA Animate via Youtube. It was based on a talk given by Sir Ken Robinson the education and creativity expert.

It is one of those subtly profound statements that cause you to think about whether the way we think and talk about education is missing the point. Very good for reflection on educational philosophy.


Hosted on youtube, I don't know anything else about this video. I have used it with success to teach risk/project management concepts of risks and mitigation to year twelve students.